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PLT® Mini Entering Grapple 4

Réf : PLT4116

This is a light weight hook for picking up ropes and lines in the sea.
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PLT® Mini Entering Grapple 4

Réf. PLT4116

  • Dangerous material : non
  • Weight :
  • Catalog page : 387

  • Model : PLT Mini

The closed ends secure the line within the barbs. Typically used by rescue vessels, seismic vessels or stand by vessels.

Made from Stainless Steel and plastic.

Typical shooting range with a dry and clean line of 3.2mm is 75 meters.

Depending on the type of operation you can choose between 3.2mm PPL or 2mm Dyneema line.


  • Used as stand by during towing operations as emergency towing system
  • Used in rescue operations to pick up emergency towline
  • Used to pick up heaving line from ROV and seagoing drones