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SART 100 X-band radar transponder

Réf : SART100

In compliance with SOLAS and IMO regulations, the SART 100 transponder is an essential piece of equipment for the search and rescue of lifeboats or survival rafts. Once activated, the SART 100 remains in standby mode until it detects a sweep from an X-band radar emanating from a nearby vessel. A signal is then emitted in the form of a broken line, allowing the azimuth of the emission point to be located, facilitating the rescue of survivors. Battery life: 5 years.
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SART 100 X-band radar transponder

Réf. SART100

  • Dangerous material : non
  • Weight : 0,82 kg.
  • Catalog page : 378

  • Dimensions : 227 x 82 mm
  • Homologation : SOLAS
  • Weight : 0.440 kg
  • Autonomy : 12 hours of active use, even after 96 hours of standby time