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SOLAS Intrepid MK1 survival suit - Size XL - +95kg


One of the world's premier immersion suits and has a Clo value of .843, its offers excellent thermal protection to the wearer.
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SOLAS Intrepid MK1 survival suit - Size XL - +95kg


  • Dangerous material : non
  • Weight : 3,30 kg.
  • Catalog page : 380

  • Model : +95 kg
  • Size : XL

Manufactured from high stretch, fire retardant 5mm neoprene, the close fitting MK1 gives the wearer maximum levels of maneuverability both on dry surfaces and in the water. The double glove system allows the wearer high levels of manual dexterity, coupled with excellent thermal protection.

  • SOLAS approved
  • 150cm2 retro-re lective tape on the hood
  • Full face seal
  • 5mm neoprene (4 way stretch)
  • Fire retardant
  • Large offset Zip
  • Tailored design
  • Integral 5 ingered gloves and neoprene mitts
  • Buddy line
  • Tough rubber soles
  • Grab bag dimensions: 75 x 29cm
  • Packed weight: 3.3kg
  • Approved to latest IMO SOLAS regulations