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BRASSIERE CHALLENGER Flexi-Wing 150 - PVC Orange, Déclanchement auto HR et Harnais,

Réf : LIF8262

The Flexi-Wing 150 waistcoat has been designed to be worn for long periods of time while still being able to respond to emergency situations.
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BRASSIERE CHALLENGER Flexi-Wing 150 - PVC Orange, Déclanchement auto HR et Harnais,

Réf. LIF8262

  • Dangerous material : non
  • Weight :
  • Catalog page : 374

  • Actual buoyancy : 150 N
  • Homologation : SOLAS
  • Color : Orange
  • Material : PVC
  • Release mechanism : Automatic
  • Type of lifejacket : gilet gonflable

The scalloped cut allows full freedom of movement and full forward and downward vision. The unique design of the Flexi-Wing waistcoat provides excellent performance in the water with higher freeboard and improved flotation angles. The patented interlocking lobe system allows the wearer to turn around in less than 5 seconds and creates an effective barrier against waves, preventing water from entering the airways.


  • Interlocking lobes
  • High visibility fabric
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • SOLAS approved
  • Velcro cover closure
  • 2 independent chambers
  • Reflective tape
  • Whistle
  • Tow handle
  • Lifeline
  • Compatible with a floating suit
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