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Fixed manual automatic HFC-227 8.4 m³ extinction

Réf : HFC6

Certified by the USCG, RINA, CE PED/TPED standard of ISO 9094-1 and ISO 9092-2, by Bureau Véritas. Automatic manual or manual and automatic (to be specified when ordering) release system for volumes to be treated from 1.4 to 39.60 m³. Easy to install in the space to be protected, rechargeable. The HFC-227 extinguishing agent extinguishes a fire in less than 10 seconds after discharge. It leaves no residue and causes no collateral damage.
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Fixed manual automatic HFC-227 8.4 m³ extinction

Réf. HFC6

  • Dangerous material : non
  • Weight : 8,81 kg.
  • Catalog page : 403

  • Capacity : 5.86 kg
  • For volume up to : 8.5 m³

HFC-227 CA fixed extinguishing products (also known as FM200) are designed to protect buildings and equipment from fire. They use an inert gas, HFC-227 CA, which is safe for people and the environment, yet effective in extinguishing fires quickly. These products are easy to install and maintain, and offer reliable fire protection in a wide range of applications. They also comply with international safety standards.