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Fixed fire extinguishing system FM200 automatic/manual 21.2 m3

Réf : FM200750

Sea-Fire FM-200 fire suppression systems with USCG-approved agent protect enclosed compartments against fire. All FD systems operate automatically via thermal activation. Discharge occurs when the sensor valve temperature reaches the system's activation point, as indicated on the label attached to each unit.
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Fixed fire extinguishing system FM200 automatic/manual 21.2 m3

Réf. FM200750

  • Dangerous material : non
  • Weight : 32,00 kg.

  • Weight : 32.3 kg
  • Height : 28.1 ""
  • Width : 8.6 ""
  • For volume up to : 21.2 m³

Systems with a manual designation give boat operators the option of activating the fire-fighting system on demand.

Sea-Fire FM-200 FD extinguishing systems are designed to achieve a minimum atmospheric concentration of 8.7% in the protected compartment. Available for spaces from 150 to 1,500 cubic feet, to fit most marine vessel engine compartments.

  • For gasoline and diesel powered craft
  • Tested to -40 Deg.
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum cylinders and valves
  • 100% leak-tested
  • Available in automatic or auto/manual configurations
  • Auto/Man configured fire extinguishers require a
  • Factory refillable
  • Three year manufacturer warranty
  • Sea-Fire FD series extinguishers are equipped with a factory installed pressure switch which is intended for cylinder pressure supervision and may also be used to control other electrical functions (engine shutdown, air exchange equipment, etc.)
  • Install: Each FD & FG system comes complete with marine approved brackets, face plate, and installation manual. All items are included in shipment
  • Diesel Engine Craft will be required to install an