Safety on board

From the fire-resistant mattresses and beacons, to recovery, rescue and prevention against fire, SEIMI Marine Equipment is the specialist in on-board saftey equipment. We continuously monitor the latest approvals and innovations.

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FLUO40G-fluorecein 40gr-seimi


Réf. FLUO40G

Public price TTC28.34 €

FLUO80G-fluorescein 80gr-seimi

Fluorescein 80gr / sachet

Réf. FLUO80G

Colored powder water, facilitates the identification of the day castaway from a ship, airplane or helicopter.

Public price TTC34.28 €

CYA12V-green stick light 12 hours-seimi

Green stick light 12 hours

Réf. CYA12V

Public price TTC3.32 €

CYA12R-red stick light 12 hours-seimi

Red stick light 12 hours

Réf. CYA12R

Public price TTC3.32 €

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