HJX27 Waterjet

Réf : HJX27

The HJX27 is the next generation of small Hamilton waterjets. The entire series features redefined performance, enhanced durability and easier installation.
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HJX27 Waterjet

Réf. HJX27

  • Dangerous material : non
  • Weight :

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  • Power: 353 kW (max).
  • RPM: 2990 rpm (max).
  • Speed: up to 50 Knots.
  • Jet Weight (Al 0°): 173 kg (dry).
  • Jet Weight (Al 5°): 179 kg (dry).
  • Entrained water: 45 kg.
  • Intake block (Al 0°): 14 kg.
  • Intake block (Al 5°): 20 kg.
  • Enhanced corrosion protection.
  • Compact inboard foot print.
  • New hydrodynamic design delivers 3% more high speed efficiency than previous model.
  • 25% increase in peak bollard pull than previous model.
  • 2-3 knots better minimum speed.
  • Available with mechanical, HSRX & AVXexpress controls only.
  • Increased impeller rating range for more compatibility with wider range of engines.

Featuring new hydrodynamic, slimline design and advanced materials for redefined performance, HJX is smallest, yet high performance, waterjet to date. HJX is proof that the best things really do come in the smallest packages.

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