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SPX Johnson Pump

8 juin 2016

Based in Örebro, in Sweden, SPX Johnson Pump is known throughout the world for the manufacture and design of marine pumps.

Pump marine

 Thanks to their over forty years of marine pump experience, they know the boating industry well. That’s why so many boat owners and leading manufacturers of marine engines and recreational craft trust Johnson Pump brand to provide solutions for all their pumping needs.
Their products for pleasure and commercial craft are sold all over the world through a network of authorized distributors and affiliated retailers.

Research and Development

R&D plays an important role in the growth of their Marine company. Over 40 years of R&D work, experience and partnership with major marine engine manufacturers have brought the Johnson Pump brand to a front line position in cooling pumps world wide.

Their R&D activities cover a wide range of marine pump applications. The Örebro facilities are equipped with the latest in technology for research and design. Developing new projects is one of their prime objectives.

A skilled and dedicated staff, materials knowledge and well-equipped facilities are the prerequisites for the continued successful development and refinement of Johnson Pump brand marine products.

ISO certified

  • ISO 14001

SPX Flow Technology Sweden AB is certified according to the demands set in ISO 14001, Environmental management system. They are doing their part to reduce any negative environmental impact from their production processes. SPX encourage their customers to continue their efforts by using their products in an environmentally sound manner on the waterways of the world.

  • ISO 9001

Since high quality has always been the trademark of the Johnson Pump brand, quality assurance requirements are nothing new to them. Attention to quality has always been the foundation of what we do for a very simple reason: SPX has a commitment to meet the needs of their customers through continual product development and improvements both of human resources and production processes.



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