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Veco SpA - Climma and Frigoboat new products' launched

24 nov. 2021

The latest Climma and Frigoboat products presented during the METS 2021 show!

Veco SpA - Climma and Frigoboat new products' launched

VECO designs and manufactures innovative systems for marine refrigeration and air conditioning, focusing on quality and reliability. During the METS 2021 (Marine Equipment Trade Show) in Amsterdam, the Italian company unveiled some great new products for the 2022 season: the VecoHub system, for a centralised control of all Veco systems on board, the Frigomatic Milano series of cooling units & the AERO heat recovery unit.

VecoHub - contrôle centralisé des systèmes Veco

Veco presents the new VecoHub system, for a centralize control of all Veco systems on-board.

The innovative VecoHub system allows for an easy and intuitive integration of all Veco systems on board, through a unique and simple control interface.

From the Climma marine air-conditioning systems to Frigoboat marine refrigeration products, now all can be controlled by your preferred device.

VecoHub can be used via a 10 'Veco vTouch touch screen display, via the on-board MFD/chartplotter or directly from your tablet/mobile.

It is also possible to configure different interfaces depending on who uses the system; Administrator users can manage all Climma or Frigoboat on-board systems, while basic users and guests can have views dedicated to individual cabins for superyacht or charter-oriented operation.

VecoHub - controle centralise des systemes Veco

VecoHub system by VECO.

Through VecoHub it is also possible to activate a real-time remote assistance on board, with the option to perform advanced troubleshooting even during the boat operation.

Key features:

  • Centralized management of all HVAC and refrigeration systems
  • Advanced and real-time remote assistance
  • Graphic customization per user/cabin
  • 10' Veco touch screen
  • Available on tablets and smartphones, both locally and remotely
  • Compatibility with the most common MFDs and chartplotters

FRIGOBOAT – Frigomatic Milano Serie

Built to the highest specification and designed for self-installation, Frigomatic refrigeration systems deliver the best performance.

Veco presents the new Frigomatic Milano condensing unit. 12V or 24V DC fridge or freezer system with the lowest power consumption, available now in 3 models: air cooled, keel cooled or pump water cooled.

Groupe de froid Frigomatic Milano A

Frigomatic Milano condensing unit - model A

Groupe de froid Frigomatic Milano K

Frigomatic Milano condensing unit - model K

Groupe de froid Frigomatic Milano W

Frigomatic Milano condensing unit - model W

Compatible with all Frigomatic evaporator plates and thermostats, easy to install with all the components pre-charged with refrigerant and connected by Frigoboat’s unique re-sealing ‘quick couplings’ system.

Now even more smaller, thanks to the new design from Veco.

Key features:

  • Best efficiency with low power
  • Wide range
  • Unique re-sealing quick couplings system
  • Easy to install and maintain

CLIMMA - AERO heat recuperator system

Veco presents the new Climma AERO heat recuperator system, dedicated for marine applications.

The quality of the air we breathe is directly connected to its correct exchange on-board, removing polluting particles and reducing the proliferation of bacteria and molds, ensuring the comfort and well-being of the people on board.

Climma AERO is the new line of high performance heat recovery units, specifically designed by Veco for the marine market.

Climma AERO heat recovery units allow to change the air inside cabins while maintaining a constant air-flow, recovering the heat of the cabin itself during the winter, and instead reducing the air intake temperature during the summer.

Thanks to the innovative heat recovery technology with high efficiency cross-flow air exchanger, Climma AERO allows to reduce the thermal load on the chiller itself, with respect to natural ventilation, as the air exchange takes place by reusing the cold already on-board, and also because at certain times of the day the system works in free-cooling mode, thus taking advantage of the cold coming from outside.

Climma AERO

Climma AERO heat recuperator system

Climma AERO adapts to the different volumes of air required thanks to multiple speeds, and it satisfies all installation needs, guaranteeing maximum comfort on board, high filtration, low noise and reduced electricity consumption, as well as high thermal efficiency.

Equipped with integrated Climma electronic control, optional automatic bypass for free-cooling, and very high efficiency exchange battery, Climma AERO heat recuperator system is an optimal and energy efficient solution for on-board air exchange.

Key features:

  • High efficiency heat exchanger
  • Suitable for marine environments
  • Climma electronic control
  • Optional automatic bypass for free-cooling
  • Modbus interface available as standard