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26 juil. 2016

The Amandira is a traditionally designed junk but offers all the comfort of a great floating hotel. SEIMI Marine Equipement has participated in the supply of much of the material on this luxurious and refined boat.

Supplier SEIMI Marine Equipments - Amandira floating hotel boat


The Amandira is a two-mast vessel measuring 52 meters long. Launched in 2015, this boat was created entirely by hand by the Konjo tribe.

This exceptional sailing ship combines the essence of the authentic merchant ships on the spice road with the assembly of modern material.

Equipments provided

On the deck, there is a GH1702 type windlass with two gipsies for a shroud chain. On the masts, two SKYE24 type capstans are assembled horizontally, for a total of 6 capstans used to manoeuver the sails.

Rotating porthole, navigation lights, deck lights, interior lighting, etc…