SCLE Watermakers launches its new desalinator

27 août 2020

Our partner, specialized in reverse osmosis process, SLCE Watermakers, renewsits history range AQUABASE YC.

SLCE Watermakers enforces a continuous improvement policy, in order to meetevery need and constraint of the market! This is why the Lorient based company renews its historic range of desalinators AQUABASE YC, with the brand-new ARUBA (Yc-Evo). These models are more modern, compact and efficient than their predecessors!

A new range available in two trim levels

Displayed in two models, Premium and Comfort, these watermakers are fitted forboats of 14m or more, requiring an equipment which can be used intensively.

Nouveau dessalinisateur Aqua-Base ARUBA

They are recommended for boats such as: yachts, charter...

  • Comfort model: Has all the essentials of the AQUABASE YC, making it an easy to use, in every circumstance equipment.
  • Premium model: This model is entirely automatic with a digital control screen. The desalinator will be discret and compact, all while producing the needed quantity of water. Thanks to its User-Friendly menu, it will enable the programming of the machine, but also:
    • To regulate automatically the pressure depending of the water characteristics.
    • To schedule the number of liters of fresh water to produce.
    • To start automatically depending on the water's level in the fresh water tank.
    • Automatic rinsing can be implemented, and can be used periodically.
Capacity Type Voltage (single phase) three-phase voltage Energy consumption Weight
60 L/h ARUBA 1 230 ou 115 V 220, 400 ou 440 V 1,5 kW 61 kg
120 L/h ARUBA 2 230 ou 115 V 220, 400 ou 440 V 1,8 kW 68 kg
180 L/h ARUBA 3 230 ou 115 V 220, 400 ou 440 V 2,2 kW 75 kg
240 L/h ARUBA 4 230 ou 115 V 220, 400 ou 440 V 2,6 kW 82 kg
300 L/h ARUBA 5 230 V 220, 400, 440 V 3,4 kW 92 kg

Performance rate +/-10%, using standard seawater, with 35g/l of salinity and at a temperature of 25°C.

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