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UP6/E electronic water pressure system - 26 l/min

Réf : PMA26

These water units are equipped with gear pumps and an electronic regulator to maintain the pressure according to the flow.
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UP6/E electronic water pressure system - 26 l/min

Réf. PMA26

  • Dangerous material : non
  • Weight : 3,70 kg.
  • Catalog page : 159

  • Flow : 26 L/min
  • Model : 1/2"" BSP connections - Without control box
  • Weight : 4 kg
  • Pressure : 2.5 bar
  • Voltage : 12 / 24 V

Starting and stopping are done without water hammer, the motor speed adapts to the user's demand. They are protected against lack of water and overload. Supplied with corrugated fittings.

The PMA46 and PMA92 water pumps are equipped with a control box.

  • Electronically controlled water heater (PMA15, PMA26, PMA36, PMA46) Option: control box for PMA15, 26 and 36. Ref. BCPMA
  • Double pump electronic control unit (PMA52, PMA66, PMA72, PMA92)