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Apelo A3 Bronze RGBW Underwater Light


The Apelo A3 Bronze RGBW underwater lamp, part of Hella marine's Apelo A3 range, delivers 6,000 lumens of light, making it the flagship product in the range. Thanks to an improved formula offering double the brightness, this lamp maximises the bright blue or intense white colour, as well as the full RGBW spectrum.
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Apelo A3 Bronze RGBW Underwater Light


  • Dangerous material : non
  • Weight : 0,79 kg.

  • Angle : 90° x 24°
  • Diameter : 130 mm
  • Protection rating : IP68 / IP69
  • Current : 5.9 (12 V) - 2.9 (24 V) A
  • Luminous flux : 6000 lm
  • Weight : 1080 g
  • Depth : 23.5 mm
  • Power : 70 W
  • Voltage : Multivolt 12 / 24 VDC
  • Complies with : CE, UKCA, EN55015/CISPR 15, IEC60533, IEC61547, ICES-005, RCM
  • Color : White
  • Color of lighting : Multicolour RGBW
  • Material : Bronze
  • Lighting technology : Led
  • Mounting method : Surface mounted

Both versions feature the Edge Lighting system for which Apelo is renowned. Featuring optical intelligence, the Apelo lamp distributes the light over the water without losing any in the depths, projecting a broad light across the transom. With the addition of Nickel-Silver to its extremely corrosion-resistant housing, the Apelo A3 is ideal for permanent submerged installation on larger boats and ships. Suitable for fibreglass, wood, steel and composite hulls. To be fitted only to aluminium-hulled vessels with an appropriate insulation spacer. In terms of construction, the Apelo A3 features an extremely corrosion-resistant housing reinforced with Nickel-Silver, making it an ideal choice for permanent submerged installations on large boats and ships.

Connect Apelo RGBW lamps to an RGBW lighting controller for unlimited colour selection (not supplied).