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BA 7S standard bulb 24 V - 3 W

Réf : BA7S243ST

The BA7S bayonet base bulb is a practical choice for lighting a variety of appliances. With its BA7S bayonet base, this bulb is easy to install and provides reliable light.
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BA 7S standard bulb 24 V - 3 W

Réf. BA7S243ST

  • Dangerous material : non
  • Weight : 0,00 kg.

  • Power : 3 W
  • Voltage : 24 V

The BA7S bayonet base bulb stands out as a practical lighting solution for a variety of appliances. Its BA7S bayonet base simplifies the installation process, ensuring easy fitting. This bulb offers reliable brightness, adding efficient, constant illumination to a variety of applications. Whether for electronic devices, vehicle dashboards or other equipment, this BA7S bulb is a wise choice for those looking for a light source that is both practical and high-performance.