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Norsap 100 jockey seat

Réf : NS1060

The Norsap 100 Jockey seat is engineered for small fast boats to protect crew and passengers from injury in high-performance boats with its shock and vibration suspension unit. This is an excellent seat for boats with limited space and layout.
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Norsap 100 jockey seat

Réf. NS1060

  • Dangerous material : non
  • Weight : 27,00 kg.

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  • Model : Norsap 100 Jockey
  • Weight : 14 kg
  • Depth : 439 mm
  • Width : 286 mm
  • Footrest : no

The Norsap 100 Jockey seat 

Ingeniously engineered for RIBs, fast boats. It is meticulously designed to protect crew and passengers from injury in high-performance crafts. The dynamic suspension technology radically reduces the impact from shocks and vibration - reducing fatigue and body injury. Weighing only 14 kg, the Norsap 100 jockey seat facilitates faster acceleration, improved manoeuvrability, and increased top speed. The ultra-lightweight improves performance and reduces environmental impact.

Protected against the Elements

The Norsap 100 jockey seat cushions are made from high-quality water-resistant canvas material, making it perfect for marine use. It provides excellent protection against the elements. All steel components are made from non-corrosive duplex steel. The aluminium components are treated with a C5 coating to ensure maximum resistance against corrosion and minimal maintenance. This allows you to enjoy carefree time on the water.

Spacious Design

Experience unparalleled convenience with the Norsap 100 Jockey Seat’s spacious design. Effortless installation and compact dimensions (W: 286 mm x D: 439 mm) allows more space around each seat, making it easier to optimise the layout on board. Norsap 100 jockey seat is easy to install, slide and remove when mounted on Norsap cargo tracks. The seat cushion has horizontal sliding to minimise the use of space when not in use and can be adjusted to fit all body sizes.


Rigorous fatigue tests have been carried out on the leaf spring and damper, equivalent to 1.5 million cycles to ensure that the Norsap 100 jockey seat will perform with precision and reliability.

  • Seat pan depth: Slide out for more comfort or slide away for more space.
  • Shock mitigation: Operate for longer.