Autoline system

For over 20 years, SEIMI has been selling Mustad Longline automatic-systems for professional fishing. This longline fishing equipment is suitable for all sizes of fishing boats

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COASTAL-produit type web-seimi

Autoline Coastal™


This system provides a strong solution for boats from 15 meters, depending on the deck space onboard. Hauling capacity if 8-25000 hooks daily.

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DEEPSEA-produit type web-seimi

Autoline DeepSea™


New and innovative system already installed on most of vessels more than 20 meters. This is the solution for hauling 30-65 000 hooks daily on distant fishing grounds

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SELECTFISH-produit type web-seimi

Autoline SelectFish™


This system got an award in France in 2014 and is worldwide well-known. Built to be installed on vessels more than 12 meters. This autoline system can operate monofilament lines down to diameter 3mm or polye...

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