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Reversible mechanical clutch GR.2/3 - 18 DaNm

Réf : IM1R

This bi-directional/reversible mechanical coupling are mainly used in sea industry on winches and windlasses.
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Reversible mechanical clutch GR.2/3 - 18 DaNm

Réf. IM1R

  • Dangerous material : non
  • Weight : 5,00 kg.

  • Torque : 18.5 daN
  • Model : Reversible for group 2/3 gear pumps - 30300
  • Power : 40 kW
  • Rotation : Bi-directional

It can be driven by a pulley or coupled frontally to internal combustion engines, or directly to couplings, gearboxes and speed reducers.

When coupling with hydraulic pumps, it is important to engage and disengage the pump with the directional valve in the discharge position, at a speed not exceeding 1000 rpm.

Lubrication :

  • SAE 90 type oil
  • Oil change every 12 months
  • Max. operating temperature: + 80°C
  • Min. operating temperature: -10°C