SEIMI has selected a wide range of indicators and navigation instruments from the VDO and SEIN ranges, allowing for safe navigation in all sea condtions

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AMP100S-ammeter 12/24v scale 100-0-100 + shunt-seimi

AMMETER 12/24V SCALE 100-0-100 + SHUNT

Réf. AMP100S

Public price TTC234.05 €

AMP150S-ammeter 12/24v scale 150-0-150 + shunt-seimi

AMMETER 12/24V SCALE 150-0-150 + SHUNT

Réf. AMP150S

Public price TTC234.05 €

AMP60S-ammeter 12/24v scale 60-0-60-seimi

AMMETER 12/24V SCALE 60-0-60

Réf. AMP60S

Public price TTC65.11 €

AMP-ammeter diam 52 mm 12/24v - 60 a-seimi

AMMETER DIAM 52 MM 12/24V - 60 A

Réf. AMP

Public price TTC66.95 €

SHUNT60-shunt for ampermeter 12v-seimi


Réf. SHUNT60

Public price TTC76.02 €

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