Fuel monitoring system

SEIMI proposes the Floscan fuel-saver calculator to manage the consumption of your fuel. Our team is committed to always providing you with reliable and adaptable equipment for all types of ship, recreational or professional, diesel or petrol. The Floscan fuel-saver calculator is recognized by leading industrial manufacturers

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DFM100D-differential fuel flow meter de 10 à 100l/h-seimi

differential fuel flow meter DE 10 à 100l/h

Réf. DFM100D

Public price TTC785.66 €

DFM500D-differential fuel flow meter de 100 à 500l/h-seimi

differential fuel flow meter de 100 à 500l/h

Réf. DFM500D

Public price TTC1,140.48 €

DFM250D-differential fuel flow meter de 50 à 250l/h-seimi

differential fuel flow meter DE 50 à 250l/h

Réf. DFM250D

Public price TTC906.05 €

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