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UC130/1-SVS high performance front mount cylinder

Réf : UC130SVS01

UC130-SVS high performance front mount cylinder for SilverSteer™ hydraulic steering.
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UC130/1-SVS high performance front mount cylinder

Réf. UC130SVS01

  • Dangerous material : non
  • Weight :
  • Catalog page : 32

  • Stroke : 185 mm
  • Model : UC130-SVS/1 - Front mount cylinder, starboard version
  • Thrust : 492 kg
  • Volume : 130 cm³

UC130-SVS – Balanced: the number of wheel turns lock-to-lock is equal port to starboard or vice-versa

  • Fittings for high pressure flex hose: 3/8""
  • Internal diameter: 36 mm (1.42"")
  • Side fittings for easy installation
  • High resistance stainless steel connection bolt (ULTRABOLT)
  • Replaceable cylinder end caps
  • SilverSteer™ UC130-SVS cylinder is recommended for high horsepower applications, bass boats and tournament fishing boats.
  • This cylinder is built with heavy duty stainless steel cylinder rod, seals and link assemblies, is simple to install and fits almost every 2 and 4 stroke outboard engine in the market. See the application guide to choose the appropriate cylinder (UC130-SVS/1, UC130- SVS/2 or UC130-SVS/3) for your application.
  • In the applications with dual UC130-SVS cylinder it is necessary to order a standard UC130-SVS cylinder (link arm attached to the starboard side of the cylinder) and a port UC130P-SVS cylinder (link arm attached to the port side of the cylinder). A95 tie bar is required for use on dual engine/dual cylinder applications.

APPLICATION: UC130-SVS front mount cylinder is not recommended for use in installations where the boat speed exceeds 69 mph (60 knots); (75 mph (65 knots) in dual engine, dual cylinder and counter rotating engines application).
Not intended for use in racing applications.