On-board energy

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OCTOPOWER3-système tout-en-un octopower 3-seimi

All-In-One OctoPower 3


“Generator without engine” : A 3 kW all-in-one power system designed for boats, vehicles and houses. Can be connected to the outboard or inboard engines of boats, trucks or cars and solar panels, with 3, 5, ...

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OCTOPOWER6-système tout-en-un octopower 6-seimi

Système tout-en-un OctoPower 6


A 6 kW all-in-one power system for vehicle/underfloor/chassis mounting, can be connected to truck’s engine, solar (roof) or land power. Battery capacity 10, 15 or 20 kWh of high-grade Lithium batteries.

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PACKWP4-pack énergie à bord pro / admiral ac whisperpower-seimi

Admiral AC System Marine WhisperPower


The "New School" Admiral system (AC), is almost similar to Pack 4, but now a WhisperPower 230 V (117 V) Genverter of 8,10,12,15 kVa or more is the main power source on board. Photo shows a configuration exam...

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PACKWP3-pack energie a bord essentiel whisper power-seimi

Admiral DC System Marine WhisperPower


With the "New School" Admiral system (DC), almost unlimited 230V usage on board, without a generator in operation or even without the main engine(s) running, is guaranteed. Photo shows a configuration example.

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PACKWP2-advanced basic system energy pack whisperpower-seimi

Advanced basic system energy pack WhisperPower


The Advanced Basic System is offering all the comfort from home during navigation, on anchorage and in the marina. Photo shows a configuration example.

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PACKWP1-pack energie a bord whisper power-seimi

Basic energy pack WhisperPower


For boaters that want to enjoy the essential on-board comfort but want to minimize diesel operation time. Photo shows a configuration example.

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WP42001230-octopower - battery module 12v/300ah - 3840 wh ion-seimi

OCTOPOWER - Battery Module 12V/300Ah - 3840 Wh ION

Réf. WP42001230

Public price TTC5,202.30 €

WP42001240-octopower - battery module 12v/400ah - 5120 wh ion-seimi

OCTOPOWER - Battery Module 12V/400Ah - 5120 Wh ION

Réf. WP42001240

Public price TTC6,393.32 €

WP42001260-octopower - battery module 12v/600ah - 7680 wh ion-seimi

OCTOPOWER - Battery Module 12V/600Ah - 7680 Wh ION

Réf. WP42001260

Public price TTC10,986.89 €

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