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LIONTRON LiFePO4 LX Arctic Smart BMS Marine IP67 12,8 V 100 Ah


The Liontron LifePO4 All-in-One lithium battery is dust-tight and waterproof, providing all the power and safety needed for boats, even in extreme environments.
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LIONTRON LiFePO4 LX Arctic Smart BMS Marine IP67 12,8 V 100 Ah


  • Dangerous material : non
  • Weight :

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  • Capacity : 100 Ah
  • Charge current : 50 A
  • Protection rating : IP67
  • Length : 348 mm
  • Model : Integrated BMS + Arctic + Marine
  • Weight : 15,5 kg
  • Polarity : Positive terminal on left
  • Voltage : 12.8 V
  • Height : 216 mm
  • Width : 170 mm
  • Battery terminals : M8
  • Battery technology : Lithium
  • Type of battery : servitude

Liontron LifePO4 batteries can completely replace lead-acid batteries, offering all the advantages of lithium iron phosphate, including significant weight reduction, huge energy reserves and stable voltage, even during extreme discharges.
This marine battery has been specially developed to fully meet the high demands placed on a storage battery today. The latest lithium technology guarantees a high level of safety and a long service life, even with regular deep discharges. This provides an extremely high cycle life (over 3,000 cycles at 90% DoD), making LIONTRON® batteries the ideal traction battery.
This battery can only be connected in parallel to increase its capacity.
Integrated Bluetooth monitoring, battery settings always in view.

With integrated Bluetooth 4.0 monitoring, you'll always have all the important battery data on your smartphone or tablet. Among other things, the app displays the following data in real time:

  • Battery state of charge in % (SoC)
  • Battery voltage
  • Charge/discharge current
  • Remaining capacity
  • Battery temperature
  • Number of charge/discharge cycles

To connect the battery to the smartphone/tablet, the device must support Bluetooth version 4.0.
Absolutely safe lithium technology. And easy to maintain.
Liontron marine batteries are based on lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) technology. This is currently the safest lithium technology. Customised casings and electronic composition increase safety and durability.
Each battery contains a high-performance lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) accumulator and an integrated battery management system (BMS). The BMS constantly monitors the condition of the individual cells and protects against overcharging, overvoltage and overheating.
The BMS prevents premature battery failure due to environmental factors or incorrect use.