Bonding glass


Bonding glass Saint-Gobains for work boats or yachts. This technical solution particularly aesthetic is increasingly used because it give a clean look to the wheel house. Don't hesitate to send us your drawing for a quick quote.

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Bonding glass


  • Dangerous material : non
  • Weight :

  • Securit glass EN12150 or ISO614.
  • Clear or tinted glass (grey, bronze, blue).
  • Simple or double glazing.
  • Screen-printed full or dotted (type windscreen)
  • Option glazing: heated glass 24V/220V.

  • This glass has all technical guarantees of weld section, bolt section, clamp section.
  • Assembly by sikaflex on a strip of 25/30mm on perimeter of the glass.
  • The ISO 614 attested to the strength of glass 180MPa.
  • This glasses can be pre-drilled to put on
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