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Pick-up buoy red PB30 - Ø 240 mm

Réf : PB30R

The pick-up buoy or cove buoy is a small, efficient, multi-purpose buoy designed to be easy to remove from the water. It is ideal, for example, for marking fishing nets, equipment, etc., or for carrying the end of the mooring chain from an anchor or mooring buoy to secure the boat.
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Pick-up buoy red PB30 - Ø 240 mm

Réf. PB30R

  • Dangerous material : non
  • Weight : 0,80 kg.

  • Diameter : 240 mm
  • Eye diameter : 18 mm
  • External diameter : 760 mm
  • Actual buoyancy : 8 kg
  • Length : 390 mm
  • Model : PB30

The pick-up buoy is manufactured in our Heavy Duty quality, offering a solid grip for the rope, strong and flexible material and a high quality metal valve for safe use.

The maximum load of the buoy is 60% of the buoyancy rating.